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Our mission

We are driven by a single purpose; to unlock value in challenged traditional companies that are yet to embrace digital disruption.

Purpose driven. Experience Led

A new dawn in the digital era.

We invest in and support traditional content driven companies that are yet to embrace digital and technological advancements to enhance growth. We believe that these companies will be more efficient disruptors than any digital start-up.

Ca = Technology + Content
In every economic revolution to date content and distribution has been king, whether it is was coal, steel, electricity or the spinning Jenny - The Digital Revolution is no different.

While digital start-ups may have paved the way for industry disruption, Catalist Partners was founded with the common belief that robust and consistent digital transformation will come from traditional content rich, cash flowing companies.

The founding partners at Catalist believe in combining leaders in their markets with an energised tech approach as the most efficient and robust way to traverse and navigate the next and most important decade of this third industrial revolution.

Rather than witnessing digital start-ups compete for their content and customers, we combine global leading companies in industries yet to fully embrace the digital revolution with the forefront of digital technology and proprietary platforms to unlock their potential growth.

At Catalist we believe experienced traditional cash flowing companies can lead digital transformation with huge upside for consumers, investors and the industry they operate in.

Catalist believes in a model it calls TradTech. A large traditional cash flowing company model adopting and realising a strong technology strategy.